Is Your Budget the Only Reason to Choose a Used Car?

Media often portrays used car buyers as thrifty bargain hunters, but buying used can be about more than just saving money. As used car prices continue to rise, you may find yourself more and more tempted to consider purchasing a new vehicle. While there are certainly advantages to either approach, buying a used car comes with many benefits beyond the reduced purchase price.

If you're currently weighing your options between new and used, put aside your spending budget for a moment and consider these three other reasons why a used car might be right for you.

1. Potentially Lower Cost-of-Ownership

Wait a minute, aren't newer cars cheaper to own and maintain? While buying new comes with the promise of a warranty and dealership support, used vehicles are drastically more reliable than ones produced less than a decade ago. In 2021, the average American car is over twelve years old! Many cars can continue to provide reliable service for well over a decade and hundreds of thousands of miles.

Improved reliability and longevity mean that the cost of owning a used car is much less than it used to be. You're less likely to spend more money on significant repairs, which means you can enjoy the lower insurance rates that come with owning an older vehicle. Combined with a lower purchase price, this can tip the long-term ownership cost drastically in favor of used purchases.

2. Less Technology

Technology is fantastic, but it can also be a potential source of trouble. Newer cars come equipped with many features that most drivers may not even use or offer only marginal quality-of-life improvements. When these items break, you'll typically need to purchase expensive parts from the dealership, and repairs may require specialized skills and pricier labor.

Choosing a vehicle that's just a few years old allows you to purchase a car with more reliable and time-tested technology. If you're after a particular feature (such as an in-dash infotainment system or Bluetooth support), you can usually buy an aftermarket upgrade to add it later. These upgrades are typically cheaper and much easier to replace should they fail in the future.

3. More Options

Used car lots can offer a surprising amount of variety. Getting the best deal on a used car often means choosing from what's available on the lot, and those cars often come with the most common or appealing options. If you're looking for something unusual, like a manual transmission, buying used can provide you with a potentially much more appealing automobile.

Although the perfect car will be different for everyone, buying used comes with a wide range of benefits. If you're in the market to replace your vehicle, remember that price isn't the only reason to choose a used car! For more information about buying a used car, contact an auto dealership, such as Car Craft Auto Sales, Inc., to learn more.