Why You May Want To Fine-Tune Your BMW

BMWs were originally designed to be German race cars. Not too many people know that. However, if you get behind the wheel of one of these cars, you can feel the power beneath you and in front of you. Then you believe it was meant to race. If you have had a BMW for several years now, you might want to consider BMW tuning. Fine-tuning the chip in these vehicles has a number of benefits, all of which are good reasons to fine-tune it.

Increased Torque

Because these cars rely on a manual gear system, the manual gears begin to wear down over time. You can tell because you will feel a loss of torque (or power) when you shift into a higher gear. When you fine-tune the computer chip, that transfers over to the messages the engine receives, and the torque increases to meet the demands of the transmission.

Increased Horsepower

Lots of people confuse horsepower with torque. In reality, horsepower is the end result of engine torque from the crankshaft times the RPM (revolutions per minute) divided by 5, 252. In other words, the torque is just one of the factors used to find horsepower, but they are different things unto themselves. Just as your fine-tuning increases the torque, an increase in torque, in turn, increases horsepower. It is akin to giving an elderly person pep pills when you fine-tune an older model of these cars.

Better Fuel Efficiency

When your vehicle's engine works better, you need less fuel to go farther. Strange though it sounds, simply tuning the computer chip in your BMW has quite the nice tumble-down effect on the overall efficiency of your vehicle. With the fuel efficiency, you save money. Spending less money on filling the gas tank is something most everyone wants, regardless of what they drive. The only difference here is that you can have that fuel efficiency when your chip is tweaked and tuned up.

Longer Life for the Car

Making cars last longer these days is quite the trick. Most drivers toss the car out with the carwash water as soon as a car gets to a certain age. If you would rather see your car last at least a few years more, you should tune the chip and keep up the rest of the maintenance on it. Then you do not have to worry about finding another car or junking the one you have.