Stay Put, Be Safe! Mobile Truck Repair Is Coming!

Your truck is your everything. It gets you around. It hauls heavy loads. It is your work vehicle and your personal recreation vehicle. When it breaks down, you feel like you are going to break down with it. Hang on. Breathe. There are mobile truck repair services near you that can help in all of the following ways.

Engine Parts and Problems

When you call a mobile truck repair service, give the exact year, make and model of your truck. Describe the problem. If the repair technician thinks it is an engine problem, he or she will load up the work van with all of the common parts made just for your truck.

Then, when the technician arrives at your location, he or she will have to try to start the truck to determine the problem. As long as you are off to the side of the road or on a shoulder, the technician can spend the next couple of hours removing faulty parts and replacing them. No towing is needed.

Fluid Fills

If you need gas, diesel fuel, carb cleaner, oil, etc., the mobile truck repair technician can bring that too. When a lack of these fuels or a problem with their distribution inside your truck's system causes it to break down, you need refills fast. Driving to the next gas station may take much longer and be much farther away than your truck can go right now.

Steering, Tires, and Wheels

Some of the most common complaints with trucks breaking down on the road are steering column and gear shift issues, tires, and wheels. Most of these can be repaired on the side of the road too. Some mobile truck repair companies will ask you to take a snapshot of wheel and tire problems so that they can get a good idea of what parts to bring. If there is a problem with the steering column or gears, the technician will bring a spare clutch, gear shift column, and steering column components to see if they need repair and can be fixed.

Electrical Issues

Jump starts, battery charging, and brand-new truck batteries can come along with the mobile truck repair technician, too. Be sure to mention any electrical problems your truck has recently been experiencing. Usually, replacing the battery helps. If your truck is a heavy duty one that relies on the power of two batteries, make sure you mention that to the technician as well.