3 Important Features To Look For In A Vehicle Transport Service

If you are planning a long-distance move and need a vehicle transported or you sell a car or truck to an individual several states away, there is a good chance that you will need a vehicle transport service to help you out. Much like towing services, these professionals make it easy to get a vehicle where you need it to be even if it is a good distance away. Plus, these companies are fairly easy to find. However, not every vehicle transport service is the same. Take a look at three important features (and visit this url: http://www.marvsqualitytowing.com) you should look for to make sure you are working with the best vehicle transportation service you can find. 

The transport service offers a range of shipping options. 

The more professional vehicle transport services will actually offer a range of ways to get your vehicle from one point on the map to another. Many will offer traditional towing methods with a tow truck, but some will also offer flatbed vehicle towing and large vehicle towing as well. Finding a company that offers you different shipping options for your vehicle means you ill get to choose the safest and most efficient shipping option for your vehicle. 

The transport service offers full tracking of your vehicle. 

Any time you are having something delivered to a place that is a long distance away, it gives you peace of mind if you can quickly access tracking information so you can know where your item is at all times. Even some vehicle transport or shipping companies offer real time tracking information so customers can easily keep track of where their vehicle is at at all times. This is accomplished via GPS tracking technology. The transporter will typically give you a number to call to get automated updates on your vehicle's location or give you a tracking number you can key in on their website to watch your vehicle make the trip to its intended destination. 

The transport service offers door-to-door pickup and delivery of vehicles. 

Most of the most well-known vehicle shipping services will come to your home and pick up the vehicle you are having shipped and they will also deliver the vehicle precisely to the address you need it to go, which is definitely what you want. However, some smaller companies do not have the manpower to do this, so they may have you drop off the vehicle at a shipping center or may even have to drop off the vehicle at a variant location other than its final recipient's location.