Starting An Independent Freightliner Business? Here Are 5 Good Reasons To Buy Your Truck Used

The American Trucking Association estimates that there will be a shortage of about 175,000 truck drivers by the year 2024 if current shortage trends continue. So, you've picked an excellent time to get into the freightliner business as your own boss. Of course, you'll need your own reliable truck to start your business and ensure long-term success. Buying new may seem like the best way to go when it comes to reliability, but there are many good reasons to consider buying used instead. Here's why you should consider buying your freightliner used:

Save on Customizations

When shopping for used semi-trucks, you have the opportunity to score options that have been customized to your liking without having to pay for those extras like you would if you'd purchased the truck and customizations new. You'll also save money on customizations as time goes on, because some of them will have already been done for you. Whether it's a convertible bed in the back, seats that warm up when it's cold or give massages, a top-of-the-line stereo system, or a built-in kitchenette, chances are that you can find a used semi-truck that has at least some of the customized features that you are looking for.

Buy More Accessories

Because you'll save money on the purchase price of your truck when buying used as opposed to new, you should have some extra funds leftover to use for accessories that will increase your success as an independent freightliner. You should be able to buy your truck, have your logo professionally painted on it, invest in customized mud flaps, buy new tires, outfit the interior of your cab, and still save quite a bit of money over buying a basic truck brand new.

Invest in More Marketing

In addition to having more money for truck accessories when buying used, you can expect to save enough money for a bit of marketing to help get your business off the ground. You may be able to buy your truck and accessories as well as things like banners for the back door on your truck, direct mailings to prospects, and social media marketing campaigns for less than a brand-new freightliner truck would cost. You just might be able to afford that radio spot after all!

Forget About Dings

While the used freightliner truck you purchase is sure to be in excellent condition aesthetically, it likely won't be in perfect condition, so you won't have to worry about small dings and scratches while you're new to the business and getting used to driving the rig. This means that if you do accidentally scrape the side of the truck while pulling up next to a building or create a ding when backing up into a parking space, the value of the truck itself isn't likely to decrease much, if at all.

Don't Sacrifice Quality

Just because you are buying a used freightliner truck doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice when it comes to quality or reliability. Any reputable dealership will have thoroughly inspected, tuned up, and repaired any used freightliner trucks they sell before putting them on the market. You can expect any issues that are associated with trucks you're considering buying to be disclosed upfront, and you should have access to various extended warranty options that will help protect your investment as time goes on.

These are just a few of the good reasons to consider buying your freightliner truck used instead of new. Take the time to create your own list of reasons, and you might be surprised that you ever considered buying a new truck in the first place. 

For more information and options, talk with a dealership that sells used freightliner trucks for sale, like Arrow Truck Sales.